Black Friday is known as the biggest shopping day of the year. People get up the day after Thanksgiving and line up in front of a store to get great deals on everything from televisions, to laptops, and Christmas presents. However, the smartest purchase you can actually make is to purchase a Nissan car or truck. Why? Well, we have put together 5 great reasons why you should be putting a Nissan on your Christmas list.

1). Next Year’s Cars Are Coming Onto The Lot

As you probably know, Black Friday falls on the fourth Friday of November. And this is the time of the year that next year’s new cars are coming to the Nissan Dealership. That means that the current year Nissans need to be sold. And that means dealerships will be quick to make a deal. If you make a reasonable offer, chances are you are more likely to get the deal that you want.
Don’t be afraid to ask the salesperson which vehicles that they are anxious to move off of the lot. For instance, if the dealer has too many current year Maximas, they are more likely to give you a better deal for that vehicle over an Altima or a Sentra. This is one of the rare times of the year that you will have the advantage at a dealership.

2). Most People Are Not Shopping for Vehicles

When people go shopping on Black Friday, they are headed to the mall or the local discount store. The last place most people will consider is the local car dealership. That’s where the smart car buyer can find great deals. Chances are, a perspective car buyer will be one of the few people, at the dealership, looking at a vehicle. And the car salesman will be anxious to make a deal.
Before you head to the dealership, you should check on the dealer’s website to see if they have any sales. Sometimes, a dealership will have a sale at this time of year. However, they may only have one or two vehicles at the deeply discounted price. Therefore, you will want to get the dealership as early as possible to get the best deal.

3). Many New Pre-Owned Cars Become Available

Many families are looking to make some extra money to buy presents for the Holidays. And this is the time of year that many families will sell off their extra vehicle. These vehicles usually find their way onto a used car dealership lot. And when there are is too much inventory, car dealerships are more likely to make a deal.
When a dealership has too many pre-owned vehicles, they will either need to use their overflow lot or they will have to sell their vehicle at an auction. For a dealer, this is an unacceptable alternative to selling the vehicle at a discount. Give the salesperson a reasonable counteroffer and you should be able to get a great deal.

4). Salespeople Are Looking to Hit Their End of the Month Sales Target

One of the biggest secrets in the car dealership world is that salespeople need to hit their end of the month sales target. And since the biggest shopping day of the year falls on the fourth Friday of November, these salespeople will be anxious to make a deal. Now, the trick here is to not make a crazy low ball offer. Simply make a reasonable counter offer and the salesperson should come back with a number that will make you happy.
Here is one trick that can help you get a great deal fast. Let the dealer know that you want to make a deal right now. Many people come to a dealership and then walk out saying that they will “think about it.” If the salesperson knows that you are ready to buy now, they will come back with their best number quicker.

5). Dealerships Want to Hit Their End of Year Sales Goal

In addition to monthly salesperson goals, dealerships have end of year sales targets. And the months of November and December are simply the most anxious times for car dealers. They need to show their car manufacturer that they are hitting or exceeding their sales goals. That means that the car buyer has a huge advantage during this time of the year.

How to Get Ready for Your Vehicle Purchase

The first thing you will want to do is look at the dealership’s website and see what deals they have that day. Also, check what time the dealership will be opening. You will also want to have a general idea what vehicle that you want to buy. However, be flexible enough to consider a higher end vehicle. You might be able to convince the salesperson to get you a deal on a better vehicle that you expect. While others are hoping to save $100 on a laptop, on the biggest shopping day of the year, you could save thousands on your favorite car or truck.