Matt 00:02
What’s going on everybody? Welcome back. It’s 2019. Happy New Year to everybody. It’s the Metro Nissan Redlands Podcast. I’m your host this month. It’s going to be Matt with TC, and I’m again, with my guy Ivan. You might remember him from– we did an episode, what? A couple of months ago?
Ivan 00:19
Yeah, we did. On the Black Friday specials.
Matt 00:21
Black Friday. That was it. How was Black Friday, by the way?
Ivan 00:24
Oh, it was amazing. Everybody that listened, thank you for listening, thanks for coming down and seeing me. I was able to put a lot of families, a lot of people, into brand new cars that they love, with nice monthly, affordable payments. So thank you for that. I want to invite you guys down. It is 2019, the start of a brand new year. So if you didn’t come Black Friday, come on down now. We’ll be able to help you out.
Matt 00:45
You know Ivan did pretty well, because he’s still here [laughter]. He’s still doing his thing. Still trying to get everybody to come through, man. I’m glad Black Friday went well. Holidays went well, too?
Ivan 00:58
Yeah. Holidays went well. I hope everybody listening had a great time with their families. That’s the most important part. You’re spending time with your family, having a good time, sharing the love out there, just as we do here. I mention Nissan of Redlands. We’re a family-owned business, so we would like to spread the love everywhere and just treat people with respect.
Matt 01:17
Absolutely, man. I’m with that. Let’s talk today about just some pre-owned versus certified pre owned. So I’ve actually seen some of the blogs we’ve been putting up, there’s been questions about, “What’s the difference, and what do I get with one, as opposed to the other?” Is there actually a difference between certified pre-owned vehicles, and just a pre-owned vehicle?
Ivan 01:42
Yeah, Matt. Definitely. There’s a big difference between just standard pre owned and certified pre-owned. So here at our dealership, most of the cars on the used lot are certified pre owned. What the difference is, basically, on the certified, we do have master technicians here at our dealership that do a 167-point inspection on all the vehicles. So that includes everything; tires, water, oil, interior, electronics– everything on the car to make sure it’s going to last you a long time and there’s no bugs in the car before you leave off [inaudible] it. So there is a big difference. You go to another dealership, they don’t do the same point inspection. They just make sure that the car runs and drives good, without making any funny noises, and that’s pretty much it. I’ve been in the– I have friends that are also salesmen, and they tell me that they’ve taken a used car that might have some type of issue, but put a thicker oil in there and call it a day. We don’t do that. We do things right here. So that would be the difference between a standard certified pre owned and a regular pre owned.
Matt 02:46
Yeah, man. I’ve talked to a lot of certified technicians out there, and I actually felt like I might have disrespected one by calling him a mechanic. So what they did, was they told me, “Hey, we go to school for this. We’re not just like one of your buddies down the street that are going to add something to your car.” Like you said, maybe take a shortcut. It might be a temporary fix for what could be a permanent problem. So what’s important about these techs that are at the dealership, is that they do go to school. They are specifically trained on this type of vehicle, all Nissans. So again, if you just want to make your car last for the long haul, man, why trust it with anybody else? Go to a Nissan dealer. That’s what I say, man. So thanks for touching on that, bro. So what should a customer, you think– what should they be looking for, before buying a pre-owned vehicle?
Ivan 03:47
Well, I would honestly say, it’s not really too much of a– obviously you have to look out for the obvious things like any dings, dents, scratches on the car, what condition the tires are in, when you start the car, if the motor sounds good. But I would say, just get a feel for the car. So take it on the test drive, see how it feels. You can feel when a car has been abused if it feels jerky or if it’s not making the right kind of noises or if it’s making funny noises. All the cars here, that’s not the case. Like I said, we do do a 167-point inspection. So we make sure everything is fine, from the all the fluids, to the interior, to mechanicals, to electrical. So you’re basically going home in a vehicle that’s going to last you a really long time. So like I said, I wouldn’t really worry too much about the cosmetics, because you won’t be able to tell the history of a car just by looking at it. I would say, just get a feel for it, and always ask for the CARFAX. We’re an honest dealership. So if you just ask for the CARFAX, we can show you how many owners it’s had, if it’s been in an accident. But that’s not the case– all of our cars on the dealership, they’re clean titles, no accidents. We make sure, before we even take in a trade, that it’s sellable on the lot, so.
Matt 05:10
Right. Again, so what’d you say? 167-point–?
Ivan 05:15
Yeah. You heard me right, Matt. 167-point inspection. So the mechanics take their time. I’ve seen a mechanic inspect a car for up to six hours, just to make sure that it’s running top shape, so.
Matt 05:29
[crosstalk]. Oh, you got trust, then.
Ivan 05:32
Yeah, yeah.
Matt 05:32
You [can?] definitely trust this.
Ivan 05:32
We definitely don’t just hire anybody, back there. So you know you’re getting taken care of, in that aspect.
Matt 05:39
Perfect, man. Thanks. Where are they going to be?
S3 05:42
They’re over here, parked in the front. Are you guys going to be turning them on now, for when you guys [crosstalk]?
Matt 05:47
Yeah. Yeah, yeah.
S3 05:50
Okay, because I have to get you guys a clicker, because we have an alarm on it.
Matt 05:53
Oh, please do.
S3 05:53
Let me go try to find one for you guys.
Matt 05:55
All right, thanks. Yeah, man, we got our film team out here today. So we’re going to take a closer look at some of these 2019s that you guys have now. Man, they’re looking so good. They’re looking so good, man. Have you seen that 2019 Altima?
Ivan 06:10
Yeah. The 2019 Altima. A lot of responses that we’ve gotten from our customers is that it looks like a Maxima, and honestly, it kind of does. It’s a very luxurious car, for an Altima. It’s a whole new body style, whole new headlights, whole new taillights, whole new grooves on the body of the car, whole new interior redesign. So everything is different on the car. I do encourage everybody to come, at least take a look. It’s beautiful car. It’s a beautiful car. I’m very confident that everybody that takes a look at it is going to fall in love with the vehicle. Just come on down and take a look. Don’t worry about anything else. We’ll make it work for you.
Matt 06:49
For sure. Yeah. So I’m going to try to test drive that, while I’m here [laughter]. I’m looking at the– we’re going to be filming for this Titan. The 2019 Titan’s out there. Again, those big-body trucks, man, I kind of like those, too. I’m a short guy, so sometimes I like to at least drive like I’m sitting higher than everyone else. So that looks good, too, man. Have you heard any good things about that?
Ivan 07:14
Yeah, definitely. A lot of truck enthusiasts are really excited about the new Titans. Big truck, like you said, everybody likes to feel nice and safe in a truck like that. And not only the esthetics of the car, but like I mentioned on the last podcast, the suspension. Everything is redesigned and everything is focused for off road. So you’re not getting just the regular, stock suspension on those higher-end Titans, you’re getting something that was really looked into for a lot of months. It was developed for a lot of months, at the factory, just focusing on overall comfort and durability. So if you take it off-roading, or any kind of terrain that’s really rough, the Titan’s going to be able to take it, no problem.
Matt 07:57
Right, right. Real quick, man, before we start closing up, I wanted to make sure– I got to ask. Again, going back to these pre-owned vehicles, so I know they go through this huge inspection, and we should be trusting everything, but just so we could feel better, is there a way where we can maybe get a extra warranty, or is there a way to purchase them maybe, when getting the car, so you can feel good about this?
Ivan 08:24
Of course, of course. We know everybody likes to protect their investment, and we have the right options for you. So we can actually add on some warranties, besides the regular, standard 100,000-mile powertrain warranty, engine and transmission. We can actually add some more bumper-to-bumper warranties, service warranties, anything like that. Anything kind of warranty that you’re looking for, we can customize one for you, and add it to your monthly payment. What’s $10 a month, for having that peace of mind? So that’s definitely a steal. I definitely encourage anyone who might have a little bit unsettling effect on purchasing a pre-owned vehicle to go ahead and just add on the extra warranty. It’s not going to hurt you for price of a Starbucks a month, so.
S? 09:15
Matt 09:16
Oh, yeah. Podcast. What’s going on [laughter]?
S? 09:20
Matt 09:21
S? 09:21
I’m sorry, fellows.
Matt 09:22
No, no worries. I mean, so that’s what we do, man. We do these live. Again [laughter], we do them live, man, so excuse the interruptions. But as you heard from Ivan, there are warranties that you can get to protect your investment. Excellent. He threw in a price there. You heard $10. I was expecting a little more. I didn’t know. But again, I’m really thinking about these myself. So if you’re like me and you’re interested, go online. Metro Nissan Redlands online, man. Visit their website. Take a look at what they got in stock, right now. And then when you find that something, that one vehicle that catches your eye and you can see yourself rolling, picturing yourself going down the freeway with that, driving it from work, parking it in your driveway, slamming the door shut and going home, man, come see my guy. Who should they see? They should see Ivan.
Ivan 10:17
Me, of course.
Matt 10:18
That’s the guy that’s going to take care of you. I’m telling you. I’ve seen him at work, man. He’s on top of his stuff. So all you listeners out there, again, happy 2019. Let’s start the year off right. Let’s start the year off with a new purchase, man. Let’s get a new car [laughter]. We’ll see you guys later. Thanks for tuning in. Ivan, thanks, man.
Ivan 10:38
Yeah. No problem.