Get College Grads Discounts on Nissan Dealer in Redlands

If you are a recent graduate of one of these colleges, you ought to head to the Nissan dealer in Redlands and get a deal on your first new car. It is an incredible opportunity for students looking for an affordable car who has not yet accumulated the miles required for an old or used vehicle. Car dealerships don’t often offer discounts like this, so be sure to take advantage of it while you can! You probably won’t find a better value than this anywhere else. The Redlands Nissan dealership offers a $500 discount as part of their new car sales promotion. This discount includes $500 cashback in the form of a rebate on the MSRP of your new Nissan. Manufacturers sometimes perform these back cash rebates on the MSRP, and some dealerships offer additional discounts off of this amount after additional rebate processing costs.

Nissan Dealer in Redlands Offers College Grads Discounts

Nissan dealer in Redlands ca, is among one of the very first Nissan dealerships in Southern California for the past 40 years. Nissan Redlands, CA, is now offering college grads a great deal and $500 off their purchase. To qualify, you need to have graduated from College in the last 12 months since the date of your application for a Nissan Certified Used Vehicle program will be required. It must be completed directly with Nissan as part of our dealer participation agreement. Dealerships participating in this program will offer qualified graduate students a $500 cash back rebate on the MSRP of their new Nissan purchased from our dealership within 60 days of graduation.

Nissan dealership near me offers college grads a chance at $500 off the New Nissan they purchase. They have put a lot of thought into each detail, including our door-to-door shuttle service, which will save you hassle and money. To qualify for this program, students need at least a 3.0 GPA and must be within 12 months of having graduated from an accredited college or university in the United States. The Nissan Certified Used Vehicle Program requires that all our Nissan Certified Pre-owned vehicles must have never been involved in any accidents or damage that required bodywork.

Local Nissan dealership serving Redland. We are family-owned and operated, so we understand how hard it is to find excellent service at a fair price. The best part is that all these different services of Nissan Redlands, CA, are offered at low prices and with a smile! Our priority is your complete satisfaction, so we only use Nissan Certified parts on your vehicle. Stop by our dealership today if you’re in the market for a used car near Redlands and need some guidance. We’re located at 1665 Industrial Park Ave, Redlands, CA 92374. Redlands Nissan is a full-service Nissan dealership located in the 1665 Industrial Park Ave, Redlands. Redlands Nissan offers various vehicles for sale.

Nissan discounts on new cars in southern California; used car dealerships in Redlands, CA. Redlands Nissan is a family-owned and operated automobile dealer providing excellent new vehicle sales and service to the 1665 Industrial Park Ave, Redlands. The Redlands Nissan use car dealership provides excellent services to meet the needs of customers of all ages. When a qualified customer arrives for a used car purchase or promotional rental vehicle, they must know precisely what they are getting. We accomplish this by providing a wide range of Nissan vehicles. To qualify for the College Graduate program, the customer must have graduated from College within the past 12 months and have a 3.0 GPA or higher. There is no mileage restriction on the vehicle; however, all deals are subject to Nissan Certified Used Vehicle Program guidelines and limits.

 Nissan finance offers new and used vehicles at Redlands Nissan, free car washes, oil changes, and more. Redlands Nissan has a fantastic selection of used cars in Redlands, CA. Some of our existing customers like the cashback rebates and discounts we offer on their new vehicle purchases.. In addition, we can assist you with the financing process by contacting local banks and allowing their representatives to contact you.

Nissan brand new car discount offers on sale at Nissan dealer in Redlands, CA. Nissan of Redlands and its staff of professional advisors have been serving the Industrial Park Ave for over 40 years. We are dedicated to helping customers find the right vehicle. Whether you’re looking for a new Nissan sedan or SUV, a used car, or even a certified pre-owned vehicle, stop by our dealership and speak with our sales team. We are the best-used car dealer in Redlands, CA offering new and existing Nissan-certified vehicles at an affordable price. We also offer extended warranties on all vehicles to give you peace of mind.


Nissan Redlands, CA location offers excellent sales and service Redlands, CA. We have a friendly team here at this dealership who are always ready to serve our customers with a smile. Our dependable staff will go the extra mile for you so you can purchase any vehicle in our inventory at the time that is right for you.