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Matt: 00:00
Friends, family, listeners, how’s it going? It’s your host. It’s Matt and I’m here at Metro Nissan Redlands, and you know how I do guys. I’m always trying to get you different voices, different people to actually hear from, whether they actually work here at the dealership or maybe even customers. So I’ve really been trying to find customers that are willing to speak with us just to let them know– or actually for them to let us know what it is about a Nissan vehicle that they’re interested in really. I just figured we could all kind of relate. We’ve all been a buyer before. So instead of having someone come in and tell you why you should get the vehicle from them, I figure let’s just hear from some actual customers. So I want to thank this guy here who I met just a little but ago. He seems like a pretty good guy. His name is Joe. Joe, how are you, man?
Joe: 00:57
Doing pretty well. Doing pretty well. Hopefully, get a car here soon.
Matt: 01:01
Yeah. I really want to thank you for doing this. I know it’s kind of awkward when I just come up to random people and just say, “Hey, can we have a conversation?” And I mike you up and everything. So again, thank you for your time here. But I did notice that you were kind of in the lot looking around a little bit. So I just wanted to ask you, what was it that you had your eye on out there?
Joe: 01:23
Well, I came in looking for an SUV because, professionally, I’m a journalist, and I like to work and have fun. So I need something that I can carry all my stuff around. I got video equipment, audio equipment, kind of like you got here right now. And I have to carry that around from job to job. And then also when I’m at home, you’ve got my bike and things like that that I got to get around. And I needed something with some space. And maybe if I get a girlfriend here soon, get the family going, you want something that can carry people around.
Matt: 01:52
Yeah. Oh, boy.
Joe: 01:53
A tiny little sedan’s not going to really handle all that, all the toys and the boys.
Matt: 01:58
Right, right, right.
Joe: 02:00
So I’m looking for something like that. And I’ve always heard Nissan’s a great brand. I had a Nissan a couple years back. It was pretty good. Held up well.
Matt: 02:08
Yeah. They hold up really well.
Joe: 02:10
Yeah. So I figured, “Hey, give these guys a look.” And I think right now, the thing that’s catching my eye the most, probably this Rogue that they have. I really like the way it looks, especially that really bright, stand out red that they’ve got right now. This model here on the– I walked in and like, “Bam, that’s some red.”
Matt: 02:30
That’s the one. Yeah. Are you looking to get it used, or are you looking at a brand new one?
Joe: 02:34
I’m thinking– price-wise, it’s pretty good. So I think they quoted me around $25,000 to start. So that’s not bad.
Matt: 02:42
No, that’s not bad at all.
Joe: 02:43
So I think– yeah. For an SUV especially. So if we can keep the price down around that range, I’m definitely thinking going new, especially because the new version’s got so many cool features and whatnot. Especially in safety too. So I think– trying to get one of those new ones, those brand, spanking new 2019’s.
Matt: 03:04
No miles. Still got the new car smell.
Joe: 03:05
Yeah, yeah.
Matt: 03:07
So you mentioned– you already talked a lot about what Nissan has to offer, especially this vehicle here, the Rogue. So we’re looking at 2019 Rogues. Have you actually done research on it before you came in, or you just decided to come in and kind of see what caught your eye?
Joe: 03:21
I did a little bit of research. I checked on Nissan’s website. I saw some commercials– or didn’t see. Hear. I got that magic vision I can [inaudible] [laughter]. I heard some commercials on the radio and whatnot about Nissan and especially the Redlands location here because it’s just down the street from my place. And I figured, “Hey, it’s right down the road. Might as well give it a shot, go check them out.” Looked at their website. Saw some cool deals and whatnot going on right now and figured I’d come in and see what they got.
Matt: 03:53
Perfect, man. Sounds great. So you did touch on safety a little bit before. What is it about the safety that really stands out?
Joe: 04:02
Well, like I said, I’m a journalist, so I appreciate good writing and good marketing terms and stuff like that. And Nissan’s really killing it on that end. I saw on their website– I think I was checking out the Rogue’s website, and one of the first things you see is that big Nissan Safety Shield 360. It makes it sound like the car’s from the future.
Matt: 04:23
Joe: 04:26
Is it going to shoot cars that come too close to you or something [laughter]? Get away. Put up the deflectives. Where we’re going, we don’t need roads [laughter].
Matt: 04:36
That’s awesome. Okay. So safety’s a big deal to you, and that’s covered. You did say that you need a little bit of cargo room obviously for pleasure as well as professional life, so that’s covered. And of course, you wanted to stay within a budget, so going bigger is probably not in the cards for you, but staying around here– I think you said they quoted you around 25 to start. So that’s going for you. So Nissan seems to have nailed everything right on the head with this one, huh?
Joe: 05:06
Yeah, for the most part. I mean, I like to look around at options and things like that. But I’m really liking this so far, like I was saying with the safety shield stuff. Having all these kind of technologies right off the bat, which I think they said they’re standard on SUVs and above, so [inaudible] I was looking– I think the model right here that we’re looking at, I think that’s an SUV, right?
Matt: 05:28
Joe: 05:29
Okay. So yeah. I mean, a bunch of standard safety features like automatic emergency braking. Sometimes you get on the road, you’re a little tired, and especially after a long day working. So having some things like that to help out is definitely going to be an aide. Nobody wants to– every little bit helps. It’s not like this is a Tesla. We’re not in the future quite yet. It’s not going to drive itself. But it will help out. It’ll help out. That’s what I’m looking for.
Matt: 05:56
No, that’s great. And another thing too that’s pretty good about the Rogue is that when you compare it to other SUVs out there, whether it’s on our own lot or– I said, “Ours,” like– I’m not product specialist or a salesman or anything, but they allow me to hang out here, so I do kind of take pride in what Nissan delivers. But I was just saying when you compare the Rogue to some other SUVs out there, gas is really pretty good on these things.
Joe: 06:25
Yeah, yeah. I think they said– I mean, I may be wrong here. But I think they said 26 to 33.
Matt: 06:30
26, 33. Yeah. And so I think everybody notices right now, around this time especially heading into summer, you expect prices on gas to go up, so that’s really– I guess, someone, especially in your field, having to travel as much as you would, that’s really going to be something that works in your favor as well.
Joe: 06:53
Definitely. Especially now, with summer coming, and it’s California. Summer fuel, it’s not easy [inaudible]. So the more mileage, the better. For sure.
Matt: 07:02
Definitely. Have you already went on a test drive at all or–?
Joe: 07:05
Yeah. They took me out a couple of minutes back. Just around the lot. I didn’t feel comfortable going too crazy here. They let you drive stuff, but there’s always that feeling in the back of my head like, “Oh, no.” You don’t want to get a ding in it. You break it, you buy it. But that was cool. It felt good. And it reminded me too since I haven’t been driving an SUV that– how useful it is to have that higher field of view because– especially as a tall guy like I am, when you get in some of those smaller cars like sedans and things like that, I just feel like I can’t see anything. And then you get into an SUV or a truck, and it’s like, “I can see everything. I have the power.”
Matt: 07:54
Wow, okay. So here’s something that I kind of suggest, man. Again, I’m not a product specialist. I actually am not a salesman or anything like that. But you let me know if you’re willing. I’d like to actually go on a test drive with you. So we’ll have one of the sales guys come out, bring us a car, the keys to the Rogue. And let’s take this thing out, man. I know you said you tested it around the lot a little bit, but let’s get out there. Let’s really envision what it’s going to be like to be in this car. I mean, I’ll be honest with you, I just like to go on drives, bro.
Joe: 08:29
Yeah, yeah. I feel you there.
Matt: 08:31
Anytime I get the opportunity, I’m ready to test drive one of these new vehicles. If you’re willing, man, then let me tag along. I think we could– we’ll have a good time. We’ll figure out if this is the one for you. What do you think?
rogue trip
Joe: 08:42
All right. All right. I’m down with that.
Matt: 08:44
Awesome. Awesome. So we’ll get started on that, man. So, listeners, we’ll go ahead and keep you posted on how this decision went, how the test drive went. You know how I am, man. I’m going to test drive all of them at some point for sure. So go ahead, stay with us. If you have any questions, maybe you’re looking into getting a Rogue yourself, or if you have any other questions about what else is here at the Nissan lot, feel free. Tag us on our social media. You’ll find us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook. We’re everywhere. Even YouTube. So make sure you check on us for that. We are listening, and we are ready to reply, obviously. Did you have anything else you wanted to add there?
Joe: 09:30
Let me just think. I think that’s pretty much everything that I really liked about it. I mean, I guess the appearance and everything was pretty cool. I think they’ve got a couple other options. I think over there on that car– I don’t know if that’s a Rogue, but that blue they got, it’s like a cobalt blue almost. It’s like, “Man, that is sexy.”
Matt: 09:49
It does look kind of nice.
Joe: 09:50
If I can get that on this, we’ll be good.
Matt: 09:52
Okay, all right. Well, here we go. We’ll see. Let’s test drive.
Joe: 09:54
Get some options here. Get some options here.
Matt: 09:56
We’ll see if we can test drive that one then. Yeah, another thing that I like is the infotainment center. Obviously, the stereo systems are always pretty good in Nissans. I think we’re going to have fun, man, so we’ll go ahead, figure this out. We’ll test drive a couple if we need to. And then–
Joe: 10:14
Yeah. We’ll have to get those two [inaudible] then. Check out that audio for sure.
Matt: 10:20
One of them’s coming home with you, man. I can feel it. So listeners, if you’re out there, remember, your best summer ever starts in a Nissan. Save big on yours today at Metro Nissan of Redlands. Look for us around. You might be our next guest on a podcast, so forgive me if I come up to you randomly. I will great you with a smile, I promise. I’m harmless. And I might want to go on a test drive with you if you’re willing. That’s it for this month. We’ll see you guys next month. And again, thank you for your time, sir. Let’s go ahead and get on a test drive.
Joe: 10:51
All right. All right. Here we go.