In the modern world, the Internet has become a helpful tool for checking the weather, navigating, shopping, etc. etc. The e-commerce industry specifically has exploded over the last several years. Recent statistics suggest that more than 95% of Americas shop online for everything from electronics to household items to jewelry to clothing. While most Americans are eager to buy their shoes or cleaning products online, many consumers don’t realize that the Internet can be a great tool when it comes to shopping for a car as well.
If you’re in the market for a new or used car, visit the websites of dealerships in your area before you make a decision. Using local dealership websites makes your search process more convenient, efficient, and faster than it would be if you handled everything offline and can help you end up with a top-quality, reliable car that you love.

1. Avoid Feeling Overwhelmed

The majority of car shoppers only visit a maximum of two dealerships in their area before making a decision on which model to purchase. From crowds to pushy salesmen to endless aisles of different models, car dealerships can be very overwhelming— especially if you don’t already have a very clear idea of which type of car you want to buy.
Starting your search for a car using dealership websites can help you feel less overwhelmed and make a more informed decision with minimal stress. You can effortlessly browse through the inventories, pricing, and incentives of various local dealerships without leaving the comfort of your living room. Using dealership websites can help you organize your thoughts and solidify your ideas for which model you want and what kind of price range you’re comfortable with before you visit a dealership in person.

2. Lower the Pressure

Car dealerships are inherently very stressful places where the high level of pressure in the air is almost tangible. Car salesmen have quotas to meet and commission to earn, so most of them are willing to do whatever it takes to sell as many cars as possible— which can create a very stressful environment for shoppers. Many consumers feel so much pressure at car dealerships that they get overwhelmed and end up agreeing to a
deal they’re not totally comfortable with or settling for a model that doesn’t actually meet all of their needs.
One of the main benefits of dealership websites is their pressure-free environment. Online, there are no car salesmen to push you to make a purchase. You can take all the time you need to browse through different models, compare prices, and gather information without feeling any pressure to make a decision.

3. Negotiate More Easily

Negotiating is a key part of getting a new or used car for a fair price, but the process of bargaining is very stressful and nerve-wracking for many people. Negotiating with a car dealership tends to be easier online than in person. Many dealerships even give you the option to make an offer online from their website without even visiting their lot in person.
First of all, you have all the information on the Internet at your disposal when you’re shopping online. You can easily determine if a dealership’s sticker price for a certain model is fair through just a few Google searches. Also, many dealerships have an online sales manager that handles buyers who are shopping on the dealership website. These sales managers don’t usually have to get approval from a higher-up employee to agree to negotiations, so bargaining with them online tends to be more effective than in- person negotiations.

4. Skip the Crowds

One of the worst parts about car dealerships is the hordes of people you have to deal with just to look at different models or ask any questions you might have.
When you use a dealership website, you can clearly browse through all of the dealership’s available models without anyone else getting in the way. Most dealership websites also have an online help tool that allows you to ask questions virtually and get them answered right away. Many dealerships even allow you to book an in-person appointment from their website to eliminate your wait time once you arrive at the dealership lot.

5. Compare Your Options

When you shop for a car using dealership websites, you can effortlessly browse through full inventories of multiple dealerships in your area within minutes. Offline, this same process would require hours of driving back and forth between different local dealerships and dragging yourself up and down countless aisles of cars to get a glimpse of your options.
It is also much easier to compare models online—which can significantly increase your satisfaction with your car purchase. If you were to only visit one or two dealerships in person, you might settle for a model that doesn’t meet your needs and preferences as closely as you’d like. By doing research on available models at dealerships in your area, you can compare your options and find your ideal model at a local dealership—even if it’s not the first dealership you’d think to visit.