The Maxima is a large classic sedan—it is considered a mid-size car—with a luxury look and feel. It has been an important part of Nissan’s vehicle lineup since its initial launch in 1981. The Maxima arrived on the market as the Nissan Datsun Maxima to serve as an updated replacement for the Datsun 810 model. The Maxima was an instant hit among Nissan drivers. It was produced in Japan until 2004, when its production moved to North America—specifically Tennessee. Since it was released to the public in 1981 for the 1982 model year, the Maxima has moved through eight generations as it has been updated and refined to reflect advancing vehicle technology and changing trends in terms of interior and exterior style. Its eighth generation began in 2015 with the 2016 Maxima model, and the current 2019 Maxima also falls within this eighth generation.
Nissan must be doing something right with the Maxima in order to sustain its sales for more than thirty-five years. That being said, Nissan’s decision to continue pouring their valuable resources into improving the Maxima rather than phasing it out is somewhat unexpected considering the current buying patterns in the auto industry. Over the past few years, drivers have been gradually straying away from compact cars and passenger sedans in favor of SUVs, full-size trucks, and other bigger, more powerful vehicles. This shift in the market has led many other popular mainstream auto corporations—like Fiat, Buick, and Chevrolet—to cease production altogether on many of the sedans and smaller cars in their vehicle lineup and focus their time, energy, and money on creating and improving their larger vehicles instead.
Nissan’s choice to improve rather than give up on their long-beloved Maxima might pay off in the long run, though. Experts suggest that the tides are likely to turn soon and that drivers might turn back toward sedans and compact cars rather than trucks and SUVs in the very near future. The improvements that Nissan made to the Maxima for 2019 are not especially glaring. In fact, most of these improvements are fairly subtle, but they are expected to make a significant positive difference in drivers’ experience with the Maxima. These four improvements represent some of the most notable updates that are brand new in the 2019 Maxima model.

Integrated Exterior

The exterior of the Nissan Maxima received important updates for 2019. Its updated appearance is integrated better into the exterior appearance of the rest of the models in Nissan’s vehicle lineup. New LED lighting, the addition of chrome detailing in front, and other small updates and refinements give the 2019 Maxima’s exterior a put-together, luxurious look that is in line with current trends and fits in well with other upgraded Nissan models.

Upgraded Luxury Interior

Two of the major selling points of the Nissan Maxima are its luxury look and feel—which is especially notable in its interior design—and its roomy, ultra-comfy cabin. The upholstery in the 2019 Maxima is upgraded to look and feel even more luxurious for drivers and passengers. Additional luxury upholstery options are also available in the 2019 model.

New Modern Safety Features

Any worthwhile modern vehicle is equipped with the very best in modern safety technology, and the 2019 Maxima does not disappoint in this area. It comes with a host of upgraded high-tech, advanced safety features that keep up with and even surpass modern standards for vehicle safety.
Some of the most notable advanced safety features of the 2019 Maxima include an advanced air bag system including supplemental knee air bags, pedestrian detection, blind-spot warning, intelligent forward collision alert, rear cross-traffic alert, automatic emergency braking, and more.

Updated Technology

The Maxima’s technology has been noticeably updated for 2019. These technological updates include additional built-in USB-C ports—the Maxima now includes two USB ports and two USB-C ports—to allow drivers and passengers to charge multiple mobile devices at once on the road without fighting over outlets.
Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are also now compatible with the Maxima. The integration of these features allows drivers to easily access a wide range of entertainment, information, and communication options using voice commands and a familiar interface to minimize the risk of distracted driving. The 2019 Maxima’s navigation system was also updated for 2019. It allows drivers to save important locations in an address book, offers detailed information on traffic, provides the fastest and most efficient routes to your destination in real time, suggests places nearby for you to go based on what you’re looking for—food, gas, etc.—and more.